Information why ladies find abortions in the us

Information why ladies find abortions in the us

The present day governmental weather regarding abortion in the usa, plus the economic credit crunch may be impacting women’s things about seeking abortion, warranting a unique research into the reasons why female seek abortion.


Studies for this research was in fact pulled off baseline quantitative and you can qualitative analysis throughout the Turnaway Studies, an ongoing, five-12 months, longitudinal analysis researching medical and you can socioeconomic effects away from acquiring otherwise becoming refused an abortion in america. Because the study enjoys then followed girls for more than two complete many years, they utilizes the brand new standard studies that have been gathered away from 2008 from stop of 2010. The attempt integrated 954 girls regarding 29 abortion organization over the All of us which taken care of immediately a couple of open-ended questions relating to the reason why why they wanted to terminate its maternity approximately one week shortly after looking to an enthusiastic abortion.

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Ladies things about looking to an enthusiastic abortion dropped to your eleven broad layouts. อ่านเพิ่มเติม “Information why ladies find abortions in the us”